Welcome to The Pelham Children’s Theater

Don’t miss the 2016 performance of The Wizard of Oz!


The showtimes are as follows:

April 15th   8pm
April 16th   2pm
April 17th    2pm

Dress Rehearsals April 11-14

Tickets are no longer available online.  You may purchase tickets at the door prior to the show.


For fifty years, The Pelham Children’s Theater has been offering fifth and sixth graders a unique opportunity to experience the joy and amazement of theater. They are able to see the process develop from the audition through opening night.  PCT has created a special kind of magic based on the natural creativity of children and their joy of performing.  Each and every show is a celebration of children, family and our community.

Actor Commitment

Beginning in February, rehearsals will take place in the Prospect Hill Auditorium and Pelham Memorial High School Auditorium, typically from 4:30-6:30pm Monday-Thursday, and Friday if needed. As we get closer to the performance date, extra time will be added as needed. Attendance for these rehearsals is mandatory. Each actor’s rehearsal schedule is different depending on their role in the production.


Parent Commitment

If your child is given a role in this year’s production, we count on your enthusiastic support along with your active participation. A list of volunteer committees can be viewed on our website at the time of registration. We will make every effort to match your talents with one of your choices. In addition, all parents will be asked to chaperon twice during rehearsals. Chaperones are essential for the safety of the children.


Participation Fee

There will be a registration fee if your child is accepted. If you require assistance with this fee, please contact Sally Winston at winston.crew@verizon.net.


Audition Details

Each child will be given a script and asked to read a few lines from it. The directors will also ask each child to sing a few lines from a favorite song. Please bring completed Audition Form with photo attached as well as Parent Commitment Form. All parents/guardians will receive a follow-up email notifying them of audition results during the week of January 24th.   Since this a one-cast production with space constraints, we are sometimes unable to cast all audition participants.


We ask before auditioning that you and your child are aware of both the rehearsal time and parental involvement commitment. For over 50 years, PCT has only been successful and possible because of the amazing talent of our children and the dedication of our families.  


We look forward to a successful spring production and a rewarding experience for the PCT cast!




Sue Mallinson                 Reilly Rabitaille                  Jaye McLaughlin

Rosemary Maggiore       Kathleen Rothschild           Clarissa Rosado

Olga Kammerer              Tracey McFarland              Sally Winston

Elisa Kavanagh Bryan     Sheila Healy                       Nina Dunhill

Paula McKeever              Tom Fear                           Sheri Saltzman Min

Catherine Johnson



Become a Sponsor

We’d like to thank all our past supporters and if you would like to become a sponsor, please contact us.