About Us

Philosophy and History of the Pelham Children’s Theater

Since 1966, Pelham, one of the smallest towns in southern Westchester, has produced theater performed  by children for children.  Known as the Pelham Children’s Theater, this unique, award-winning program puts an emphasis on each and every child’s participation.  The goals of PCT are to nurture imagination, inspire creativity, build confidence, and teach theatrical discipline to young people through theater production.  A non-profit organization, PCT enhances the experience of theater for children by involving them in dramatic performance, singing, dancing and backstage technical training.  Supported by a volunteer base, PCT strives to obtain these objectives and brings together children, parents and community in one collaborative effort.

Pelham Children’s Theater offers fifth and sixth graders an experience rich in the ways of an entire theatrical production.  They are able to see the process develop from the audition through opening night.  In years of productions, PCT has created a special kind of magic based on the natural creativity of children and their joy of performing.  Each and every show is a celebration of children, family and community.